Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Miss Nepal

I have always been following Miss Nepals. Miss Nepals are the idols of the entire country.Miss Nepal is a national beauty pageant in Nepal. The winner is sent to Miss World contest while the 1st and 2nd runners-up are sent to the Miss Earth and Miss International pageants respectively. Nikita Chandak has been crowned Miss Nepal 2017. She will represent Nepal at Miss World 2017. Roshni Khatri is Miss Nepal Earth 2016 and Barsha Lekhi is Miss Nepal International 2016.
Nepal also sends representatives in other minor global pageants such as Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Globe InternationalMiss Heritage and Miss Asia Pacific World. Since 1994, every year women from age range of 19–25 years old compete on the national pageant of Miss Nepal. In which, 16 contestants are wisely chosen from across the country and they begin on 1-month training & grooming course before the final event in which they participate in lectures, social work, photoshoots, interviews and etiquette lessons. As on the coronation night which lasts up to 3 hours long, all the candidates engage on opening sequence, introduction speech after which the top 10 semi-finalists are chosen who then compete in an interview portion with the judges and evening gown and the 5 finalists are chosen. This is when the final question and answer round is held. At the end, the names of runners-up and winner are announced from live telecast in Nepal Television.



I have always been so excited for reality shows. These kinds of reality shows has  lots of dramas, action,love and so many other things. Splitsvilla is one of my favourite shows. I have always been waiting for this show. I love the whole scenario of the show. How the story of love begins, the catfights,the actions,all these things it is so fun to watch.

MTV Splitsvilla is an Indian television reality show that airs on MTV India. The show is presented by Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. The series is loosely based on American dating reality show Flavour of love. T
he reality show revolves around young boys and girls trying to secure a place in "Splitsvilla", a villa. It is a "hunt for love" show where boys and girls compete in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with the contestants to find love. In the end, one boy and one girl are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla, as a couple. There are a lot of fights, jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, and love when all these wild contestants get together. There are also a King and Queen who have dumping powers.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Sonam Kapoor comes from an established film family. She is the daughter of actor and producer Anil Kapoor, and the grandchild of filmmaker Surinder Kapoor. Sonam is Bollywood royalty with immense support in the Indian film fraternity.

Unlike most star children, Sonam started life with a structured education, and a grounding in the process of filmmaking. She graduated from college in Political Science and Economics. She is interested in writing and direction, and has assisted the celebrated director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the production of his films including the path-breaking 'Black'.

The veteran director then asked her to star in his next project, the critically acclaimed "Saawariya". Sonam made a confident debut and elicited notable reviews for it. She was nominated for a number of film awards as a debutante and an actress. She won the "Stardust Superstar of Tomorrow" award.

Her second movie, "Delhi 6" got her glowing reviews and established her as an actress of calibre. 2010 has been the turning point for Sonam, with two back-to-back hits - "I Hate Luv Storys" and "Aisha". These hits propelled her into the league of superstars.

Sonam was named the "Best Dressed Celebrity" of 2009 by People's Magazine. Sonam is associated with prestigious brands like L'Oreal Paris, Electrolux, Spice Mobile, Mont Blanc and Anant Diamond Jewellery (a sub brand of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council).


According to All About Styling, stylists can get paid in a variety of ways, dependent upon the job itself. Beginning stylists and assistants may be paid an hourly wage. Sometimes they're paid a day rate. They may be paid a flat rate that covers the length of the project at hand, which is called a buy out. Stylists working with magazines may be paid per published page, with an agreement on how many pages they'll be assigned per year. Still other stylists are put on a retainer in which they're paid a fee for a certain length of time and can be called upon at any moment during that period.

Fashion Stylist

  • A Fashion Stylist is one of the most popular emerging professions in the fashion world globally and is the job title of someone who selects the clothing and accessories for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. 
  • Fashion Stylists are often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, collaborating with the fashion designer, photographer/director, hair stylist and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project. 
  • Fashion Stylists generally borrow and return clothing and accessories from fashion boutiques and directly from fashion designers. Items can also be bought if funds are available. Most boutiques and designers will want you to leave a deposit or credit card details in case the garment or accessory becomes damaged while on loan. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017


A country of colors and cultures, Nepal has defined red as the color for brides. Especially for the Hindus, red color has been the benchmark to differentiate the married and unmarried. You will see a married woman, dressed beautifully in red color more often than in others.

Red is the color of blood and color of love. The color for the brave and the color needed for occasions. But most importantly, red is the color for bride. When she walks to the mandap, all dressed in red, she takes the breath of everyone there for a second. The days further, she wears red tops and glows more beautifully. Her face is brighter than ever and her smile is more overwhelming.
You can never say NO to RED. Red, in my view, is an expression, an emotion and more, a belief. A belief to have as strong connection as color red is and to be ad bold as the color emits itself.


The guy I get attracted by his looks and the way he talk. He is  a actor/model. He has his interviews done in a very amazing way.


Kurtis has become a very integral outfit in fashion industry. From parties to casual wear for your work every day, Kurtis has become a big fashion statement. The ease of collaborating bright hues with a salwar or churidars or even a pair of jeans  Kurtis have become handy. We see young girls wearing kurthis and they look extremely gorgeous. The girls look really very simple and beautiful.

          The trend of Kurthis has been increasing day by day. We see girls and women wearing kurthis in every possible events. The kuthas were worn by married women but now online stores have categorized them and kurthis are made which is shorter than kurtha. So kurthis are worn by young girls too. The kurt is traditionally worn in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, and is also popular in Nepal and Sri Lanka. The kurti is worn with a dhoti, paijama, shalwar, lungi or jeans. It suits to most of the girls.


I am very much inspired by so many of my friends outfit. I have many friends who are really into fashion and style. Sahara my school mate, I really adore her. I also get sometimes inspired by her looks and try to copy her looks sometimes :P. She carry herself very beautifully always. She also has keen interest on her makeup. She knows what is right and what not to put on her face and wear it.
               Me and Sahara were very close from the school time. We used to talk about different fashion styles,dresses and makeups. That would be a very interesting topic always haha. She has a very beautiful body so any kind of dress would suit her. When I looked into her wardrobe,it was full of beautiful and updated fashion styles. I used to try her dresses and shoes. It was so much fun. I still miss those days :(.
              She too had a photoshoot and her pictures were extremely gorgeous. I still follow her in her styles.


I always wanted to have a professional photoshoot from my childhood.When I was small, I used to do different pose in front of the mirror and my mother used to giggle looking at me.And I had told her that I will do a photo-shoot one day and have a huge frame in the wall of my room. One day my aunt and sister had came to kathmandu for a visit.Then they had found the photoshootstudio(Milan International Wedding Photography) situated at Durbarmarg. They did the shoot and showed me and my mother their photos. I was really excited and happy seeing their pictures because it was so adorable and very pleasing to see. I also wanted to do it seeing those. My aunt recommended me to do it so I told my mother 'Common lets have a shoot mamu'. She didnot agree to do it with me. But later I made her to do it.          

  Me along with my mother went to the place. I felt really excited and amazed seeing the environment there.It was really beautifully decorated. There were flowers around and beautiful paintings and pictures hung. There were many amazingly gorgeous dresses,accessories and shoes kept for us for the shoot. It took a lot of time for me to choose my dress as all of them were so good so I was confused which one to wear. Finally and me and my mamu chose our dress and shoes for the shoot. Then the korean makeup artist was ready to do our makeover which changed our appearance completely. And we were all set. The photographer too was korean who was really very cute and friendly. He taught us his funny and bold poses which helped to have a beautiful picture out. I was so happy seeing my mother in a gorgeous gown. I felt like she is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

            The photoshoot overall was very exciting and tiring as we had posed throughout the day. We had a very wonderful experience.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Styling With Vespa

Me being with Vespa is always very exciting( always so excited because this is always what i wanted ). I always told my father that if i ever get a scooter it would be  'VESPA'. When i see my friends and strangers clicking pictures with Vespa in different social networking sites, I would imagine myself styling with it. I thought of taking many pictures with this.
                        Formally :P  Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufaured by Piaggo. Vespa scooters have been known for their painted,pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine. Talking about my first meet with this, it was the day while I was having my board exams of second semester. That day my dad told me that when you will be back home giving your exams,Vespa will be standing right with you. As I was about to get my very own scooter, I was so excited and happy(could not explain how I felt. After completing my exam,when i was back, Vespa was shining bright( orraaanngeee haha). I could not stop myself clicking picture with it. And i immediately kept my snapchat and instagram story with it.

           I consider myself as a stylish person lol :P. Vespa has always been a part of my style. When there is nothing from which I can style,it is always there.


Miss Nepal

I have always been following Miss Nepals. Miss Nepals are the idols of the entire country .Miss Nepal is a national beauty pageant in Nepal...